Feeding Cria

If bottle feeding from birth, it is important that colostrum is fed to cria within 6 hours of birth and then for at least 2 days. If alpaca colostrum is not available then colostrum from deer, goats or cows may be used. Alternatively Jump-Start™ Full Cream Colostrum is available from your rural retailer.

Research and information on feeding cria is not abundant in New Zealand. Feeding recommendations below are a guideline only, as many rearers are still working on 'trial and error' with rates and concentrations. We would appreciate your feedback of experience with hand rearing cria. Phone us on 0800 809 011.

Feeding recommendations

Unlike many other infant animals, cria will stop feeding when they are full, so it is best to offer them more than you expect them to drink.
Mix 200 grams¹ of lamb milk replacer (LMR) per litre of water. Add lamb milk replacer (LMR) to one third of the required volume of water and mix thoroughly. Top up with water to the correct volume and temperature.

Age of Cria (Days) Number of Feeds per day Volume per feed (mls) Number 40g scoops required per feed
1 to 4² 6 100 ½
5 to 14 6 150 1
15 to 21 4 200 1
22 to weaning³ 3 350 2
  1. Some rearers have reported increasing this concentration if weight gain is not adequate.
  2. Cria should be fed colostrum for the first 2 days, at least. anLamb™ should only be fed during this time if no form of colostrum is available.
  3. Bottle fed cria often wean themselves earlier than naturally suckled cria. This may happen from around 3 months.