Anlamb™ is New Zealand’s favourite lamb milk replacer.

It is a specialised milk powder sourced wholly from cow’s milk in New Zealand and has help raise thousands of animals, not just lambs, since the 1970s.

Anlamb™ is made from only the best Whole Milk Powder sourced by NZAgbiz. As lambs are often fickle to hand rear, they need the finest quality raw materials to fatten and grow. The formulation contains essential vitamins and minerals required for early growth and development.

As Anlamb™ is made from full casein ingredients, it made to curd in the gut.

Not only is Anlamb™ popular with rearing lambs, it can be fed to other species. It is particularly popular milk food for goat kids. This website has feeding recommendations for Anlamb™ when feeding to lambs, goat kids, foals, fawns, puppies, piglets and cria.

Anlamb™ contains no coccidiostat so is safe for all label claim species.