Brutus™ is a high protein milk powder supplement for feeding to weaners and mature pigs.

Brutus™ can be fed as a liquid milk or mixed with dry-feed.

If wet feeding, mix at a rate of 200g/L. For best results feed Brutus™ in-conjunction with pig meal or alternative pig supplements.

Brutus™ is not designed to be fed to any animal breeds other than pigs. It is not a complete infant animal feed due to its high protein and low fat formula.

The typical metabolic energy of Brutus™ is between 14 -16 mega joules.

NZAgbiz recommends piglets are reared with Anlamb™ due to its more suitable fat content. Note that Brutus™ does not have adequate fat content to feed to piglets as a complete milk food. If feeding Brutus™ to pigs less than five weeks of age as a protein supplement only, feed in conjunction with pig meal or molasses.